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How It Works


FashionFit matches users to one another according to body shape using an interactive and proprietary body quiz. Once registered, you’ll get a list of people to follow based on your body match. Browse their closets and shop their style. Or, find others who have a style you want to follow.


Each user has an online closet to share photos of themselves wearing clothing and accessory items. (Though if you’re just here to shop, you don’t need to add anything to your closet.) If you’ve liked someone else’s outfit or want to add it to your wishlist, you can see those things in your closet, too.


Looking for a new cocktail dress or a pair of pants that would work for business casual? Use the filters and categories to find the right style, color, and size from the crowdsourced recommendations of others on FashionFit. Or, if you want to see what your body match has just posted, visit his or her closet and see all those outfits.


Any item on FashionFit can be purchased through FashionFit at the relevant store’s current price.

When you become part of our community, you can discover and create a style all your own, based on items that fit your unique body, with recommendations and advice from some fashion-savvy new friends.

Do you want to showcase your style?

As well as searching for new style ideas, you might want to showcase your style, too, by uploading your own images and reviews for other users to see and share. The more outfits and reviews we can create and share, the better our community will be.

How does uploading your own style-picks and outfits benefit you?

  1. Put all your outfits – plus their various components, links, resources, and accessories – in one easily searchable, simply archived place – the perfect option for people who love your style and want to recreate it without any fuss.
  2. Open yourself up to a new audience for your blog, or, if Instagram is the name of your game, earn followers and authority without a blog.
  3. With a pre-existing audience pool on FashionFit, you’ve got a natural community to tap into with your amazing fashion sense and style.
  4. Our friendly community of real people, leaving real feedback and reviews, will help boost your confidence and push your own style even further.
  5. For those who have an affiliate program, earn a commission for every purchase from your closet.

Welcome to a new way to shop online.