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The minds behind FashionFit are people just like you.

People with busy lives, frustrated with how hard online clothes shopping can be, people who get tired of spending hours in a fitting room trying on a million pairs of pants that just don't look right, people who want to branch out and make a statement about themselves with their clothes but just aren't sure how to get started. And that's where FashionFit comes in.

The concept is pretty simple and 100% about you. Joining FashionFit will help you connect with real people – people with your shape, people with your coloring, people with your taste in clothes – so you can learn which brands, which cuts, which colors, and which styles they love – and as a result, learn what you love.

By using FashionFit, you can

  • Explore and discover major national and international brands, plus independent clothing boutiques, recommended by people whose body shape or style is just like yours.
  • Find new styles and collections easily, and see them on body shapes similar to your own.
  • Read real reviews by real people.
  • Connect with other FashionFit users who share the same style (or struggles) as you do, and share tips and recommendations with them.
  • Shop directly from FashionFit.

Our Founder

Thinking that the online shopping experience needed some improvement, Billy Evans started FashionFit in 2014. His wife was able to use her friends – all three of them the same size and shape – to vet her outfit choices and select the right size. Billy didn’t have that kind of shopping assistance, so he decided to create it. And, thus, FashionFit was born.